What to wear to a garden party?

It’s that time of year when those of us lucky enough to have a bit of outdoor space at home (whether it’s a garden, rooftop, or balcony) suddenly become about 10 per cent more popular. That is, so long as we do the right, sociable thing and throw some kind of outdoor bash, gathering, salon or similar convivial event. Of course, it’s just as pleasant attending these get-togethers, what with their giant jugs of Pimm’s, standing buffets and plethora of opportunities to finally catch up with all the smokers in our lives – so if you haven’t yet been invited to one, then perhaps it’s time to do some networking. But whether you’re playing host or guest, you’re going to need the right kit to give the intended event the appropriate sense of occasion. Scroll down for a selection of smart, yet characterful pieces that will do the job nicely.

Up Above

Save your navys and greys for the boardroom, or a wedding – if you’re going to be chin-wagging and toasting outdoors, you can afford a more adventurous colour when it comes to your blazer. This light-brown example from Boglioli has a summery, outdoorsy feel to it and will look particularly good (as demonstrated by the copy of the MR PORTER Post deftly tucked under the arm of the gentleman above) against dense green foliage. Wear it with this charming update on the classic blue gingham shirt (embellished with tiny hearts) from Gucci.

Down Below

As we recently opined in our How To Wear Shorts video, it’s perfectly acceptable to wear shorts with a blazer, so long as all the colours don’t all match (you’re not channeling a schoolboy uniform look, after all). A tailored pair that finish just above the knee, such as these from Incotex, will keep you cool during your open-air celebrations without raising any eyebrows (make sure they finish just above the knee, and are not too tight around the thigh – a particular concern if you’re the kind of man that spends every other day doing hundreds of squats in the gym). Wear them with the dressiest espadrilles ever created from Berluti, the Parisian purveyor of absolute luxury that has got the style spot on this summer.



The Accessories

Anyone who has seen Mr Colin Firth swaying suavely through the moody interiors of Mr Tom Ford’s directorial debut A Single Man will know that the designer’s eyewear collections display a certain patrician elegance. As such, the brand’s sunglasses are among the chicest on offer. Opt for a tortoiseshell pair and be assured that you’ll protect your eyes from the sun without looking like you’ve turned up, guns blazing, to a music festival. A subtle Miansai bracelet, meanwhile, will showcase your more fun side (as we hear that fun is somewhat essential for a successful gathering of this kind).



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